1. Rich R230

    R230 centre console latch....

    I’m guessing this is a massively common problem... the armrest latch is broken and I have to manually open the lower tray (compartment below the phone tray).... my question is this.... what’s the easiest remedy? Ie are the latch parts available, or is it a new centre console/armrest lid? help...
  2. S

    W124 front armrest repair

    I finally found a suitable armrest on eBay to dismantle and harvest parts to get my car's front armrest holding in the upright position. This post was most helpful: I had to sacrifice a...
  3. J

    My 129 armrest

    Exciting topic eh? In the never-ending battle against aging badly I decided the centre armrest was the strongest candidate for some work as it was rapidly developing an ugly mottled look. Paul at leatherrevive took it by post and returned it looking rather better, imho. Just in case...
  4. C

    Clk 270 cdi, 2003, armrest latch broken

    Hi, just wounding if anyone can help? The armrest latch has broken and wondering if anyone has experience removing and replacing one? Thanks,
  5. M

    W203 Armrest

    Due to rough handling, the armrest/ centre console lid on the wife's 2005 MY W203 is both detached and damaged (not just a simple refit). I think the part number is A2036800882 (it is the one with 1 front button and 1 either side so it can open from the front or from either side). They appear to...

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