atego 815

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    Atego Clutch not returning

    Hi Guys, has anyone had the same issue and If so how did you overcome please? Our 2001 Atego 815 clutch pedal has stopped returning to the top position after being depressed. If you pump it with the engine off it gains pressure but with the engine running it won’t. There is just enough...
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    Atego 815 Brake Wear Warning Light Issue

    Hey Folks, I have a 2004 Atego 815, and recently the Brake Wear Warning Light has started showing (see photos below). Thing is, this lorry has been stood still for a little while now - the warning light came on one of the times I was starting her up to tick her over, but she hadn't moved at...
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    Atego 815 7.5tonne lorry

    My wife is currently on her way home in said vehicle. She informs me that simultaneously the cab tilt light came on and the ABS light. I'm thinking it's a wiring issue as both bits of kit are in no way mechanically related. Any good places to start looking, looms that are famous for rubbing on...

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