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    Autobox noise

    Hi guys. When I put the car in drive with my foot on the brake the car makes a creaking noise it isnt the brakes as I first thought. Also when changing up the box sometimes feels like its hesitating and slipping then it pops into gear ok. Car is a 1997 c200. Starting to worry bout this so any...
  2. T

    Problems with Auto gear change when cold

    I have just aquired a 1998 C200 petrol - when starting and moving off from cold the auto box will not change up from gear 3 until driving approximately 1mile. Has anyone else had this problem - any advice would be appreciated What is the best place to purchase an autobox dip stick and...
  3. S

    [Wanted] 300e 5 Speed Autobox

    Hi, does anyone have or know where i can source a 5 speed auto box for my 1992 300e-24v? Thanks

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