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    Another BAS / ESP issue

    Hi All, just had my A160 2001 Auto Elegance 1.6 fail to get a new MOT due to the BAS / ESP light coming on when the brake pedal is first pressed after ignition. Borrowed an iCarsoft MB II and cleared all the fault codes and the light still comes on, here are the 2 fault codes I get under DTC...
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    W203 - ESP/BAS/ ABS error - Need help diagnosing

    Hi guys, I've had an ESP / BAS /ABS Visit Workshop error on my dash for the last 4 years. Vehicle: W203 - 2003 C200 Coupe, 1.8L Kompressor, manual. History: A couple of years ago, I stripped the rear boot flooring material and discovered that there was dampness and corrosion where the wheel...
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    BAS/ESP warning on!

    Hey guys, I've been getting this warning light for a while now. When driving, the car refuses to exceed first gear. I am getting a BAS/ESP warning light, so I looked around the forums and a new brake sensor seemed to help quite a few people. I went out and purchased one for AU$15, put it in and...
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    C220 CDI Heater Booster Runs too long/always

    Hi I am having a problem with the heater booster on my C220 CDI W202 (W Reg - 2000). The heater booster seems to run all the time. I can park the car up and go out three hours later and it will be running. I can feel the hot air from the little exhaust under the front right bumper and smell...

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