bas warning light

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    BAS ESP light on - Tacho & Cruise OK - Help!

    I've read lots on this and other forums about BAS/ ABS faults but I've got a problem that seems different. I have a W208 CLK 200 that was running faultlessly up until I decided to sell it. The next time I turned on the ignition the dreaded BAS/ESP lights came on. How did it know? The...
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    ABS AND BAS-ASR light on dashboard

    Hello everyone, the abs and BAS/asl light is on in the dashboard, most of the time they stay on with no trouble, but when they turn off it feels funny with the breaking and it will turn back on. I have a ASR switch which does not turn that light off. Obviously something ain't right, I have a mot...
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    Help!BAS warning light and engine cut out SLK 200

    Hello I've recently bought a 2001 reg SLK 200 Kompressor. The BAS ESP warning light comes on intermittently and today the engine suddenly cut out at a junction. Luckily, the car restarted again at the first try. Mileage is just over 32K. I've searched through the forums and have seen a few...
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