battery drain w203

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    W203 Rear SAM issues?

    Hi All. I’m a newbie to Mercedes and have just acquired w203 3.2 year 2000 with the dreaded parasitic battery leak. It has a new battery. The seat modules are disconnected (three wire sockets) but the battery still went flat. I have just reconnected the recharged battery and there are a...
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    Battery drain..SAM unit, control unit under drivers seat.

    Battery drain..all of a sudden. Had vehicle recovery comp(roadside assistance) out a number of times( all happened over xmas) jump started car ok, would take it for a run to charge, but drain woould re-appear within a couple of days. Loaned battery charger from friend..removed battery to...
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    Battery drain w203

    Hi Having a problem with my battery going flat over about a week. Does anyone know what the normal current draw with everything turned off is? Im Measuring 100milli amps? Voltage 12.9, 14.9 when running

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