black death

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    Black Death. Fuel injector pullers, seals. Exhaust smell in cab.

    Hi. My Vito is up on ramps while I fix my alternator so I thought I would take the opportunity to search for the exhaust leak that has been coming into the cab the last few hundred miles. For those of you who are as naïve or ignorant as I am but still want to have a go your selves at finding and...
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    Any trouble free motoring with C250d?

    Hey guys, Im looking to buy a C250d (2012-2013). For my budget ive found a couple with around 35K on the clock. Now, ive done my research on mercedes diesel engines and have come across a few horror stories i.e. black death. Ive also heard of people describing, especially with the 250's, a lag...
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    ML320 W164 injector return line clip removal

    Hi all, I would like to have introduced myself before posting but I'm in the middle of a DIY and I could do with a little help! My ML320 W164 has had a leaking injector for a while and I've finally got around to making a start on fixing it... However, the simplest of things has stopped me...
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    W163 ML270 CDi Injector refitting problem

    Hi Everyone I recently bought a 2003 ML 270cdi with 160,000 miles on the clock and it had a couple of blowing injectors (three and four if counting from the front) - the dreaded "black death"! After reading the threads already on here (Very useful too, thankyou!) I decided that the removal...
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    Garrett turbo, limp mode

    I am still trying to troubleshoot my limp mode. I started by cleaning the EGR valve. When I took it off, I found a 5-7 piece of black plastic which looked like it broke off something. I could not find it's origin, but I saw plenty of gunk in the manifold. Anyway, I started by cleaning the...
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    black death injectors

    Hello Guys i posted about fumes in the cabin and you told me about black death! Well i took the car into a local garage that is supposed to have a good reputation on diesels tyhe car had been running really well except the fumes were horid if vents were not closed. they reseated the...

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