1. B

    New member introduction - S350 Bluetec 2012 W221 79K miles

    Good morning all, Quick intro - have been dropping in as a guest here for many years to research various things and thought it was about time I joined as looking for some advice and guidance. The S350 has been a delight to own (have had it since 2016 with very few problems apart from usual wear...
  2. C

    New MB owner

    Hello, I got my first Mercedes a few weeks ago, a 2007 E320 Bluetec, so I figured I would join to help with troubleshooting and gain some knowledge about my car.
  3. MRAF

    New Merc Owner (E220 Estate) - Looking for any gottchas or things to look out for

    Hello all, I've just bought a Merc (my 1st dip into this Brand). I have very little knowledge to go on so I was hoping for any top tips for me to keep my eye out for on my E22o Estate. I've just got a E220 (S212) AMG Night Edition BLUETEC 2.2, with 8k on the clock on a 16 plate. What goes...
  4. C

    Adblue in 2.2 Bluetec engines

    Dear all, I have a technical question to ask all of you running the 2.2cdi Bluetec engine. How long does your Adblue tank last please between fills? I know the documentation says, "between services" but I am particularly interested in hard data on this, so any of you who fill yours up...

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