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  1. RyanSL500

    Rear arch rush

    I’m sure it doesn’t surprise anyone here, but my 2002 R230 SL500 has developed rust around the rear arches. It’s not noticeable but it definitely needs doing before it develops and gets worse! Has anyone got any experience with a body shop who are happy to deal with rust? I know rust seems to...
  2. T

    Beginner SLK R170 pre and post rust maintenance

    Really appreciating the benefit of the wisdom on here regarding buying an R170 SLK, what to be wary off etc. It seems as likely as anything I may buy a cheaper car with the seemingly very common wheel arch rust and get the body work done or keep searching for a mint one. More likely the former...
  3. M

    Any recommended R129 body repair shop in the midlands?

    Dear all, I've noticed rust on both front wheel arches and rust on the wings too. Are there any reliable body repair shops in Derby/Birmingham area. Also, should I repair the rust or replace the wings knowing fully well that the new wings might not fit. I drove to a garage AA specialists in...
  4. rai

    W202 Dent Repair

    Hi, I have recently joined the club and this is my first post. I own a 1996 W202 Mercedes C180 4 door saloon in Alexandrite Green just over a year now, recently re-newed my insurance. It has been in the family for 4 years now. I need help on 'How to repair a dent'. The dent is an inch long...
  5. A

    Vito W639 body panel replacement

    Hi guys, my dad's Vito/Viano W639 is missing its rear right panel between the wheel and the door (see pics). Does anybody know where to get a replacement for it, or at least contact details? I'm an international student living in Birmingham without a car, and it's really hard for me to go to...
  6. I

    Mercedes Benz Rust Action-post your photos

    To follow on from the long running thread about Mercedes rust issues and the various ways in which owners have tackled the issue, some with successful MB claims and others not, I thought it may be helpful to start a definitive thread...

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