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Jan 18, 2012
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To follow on from the long running thread
about Mercedes rust issues and the various ways in which owners have tackled the issue, some with successful MB claims and others not, I thought it may be helpful to start a definitive thread where members can post actual photos of their rust issues and, now this has had enough time for some direct action, the outcome of their efforts.

This may well have been done before; if so admins welcome to post the link and lock/remove this thread!

Working in the body repair industry, I see endless late Mercedes (even up to 2008) with rust issues that cannot be blamed on poor maintenance, stonechips or previous accident repair and as stated in posts on the above thread, believe the reason for the issue is poor paint adhesion in exposed areas, water being retained around trim fittings and panel/bumper gaps that are too closely fitted and from defective steel which appears overstressed so rusts from inside out.

It is clear there is an issue as the bodywork of older Mercedes models outlast the newer ones and a premium car should easily outlast the cheapest budget models. A panel internally rusting on a four year old premium brand vehicle is totally unacceptable and in my experience Mercedes have been refusing any claims without full MB service history-even low mileage MBs with just a single service done outside the dealer network.

For those high-post members thoroughly tired of this issue, please excuse a new member getting involved to this extent-but I for one would find it very helpful to be able to give clients with rusty late Mercs a single link address to look at, perhaps others fighting the cause would feel the same.

Therefore, please post a respone with photos if you have had rust on your Mercedes that is unacceptable and have tried to resolve it with Mercedes.
Please also detail the outcome if this applies.

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