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  1. K

    Best Warranty - Air suspension / high mileage

    I’m looking to get warranty on purchasing 2009 CLS 350 CDI - 130,000 miles My concerns are Complete air suspension system to be covered Turbo Issues Any experience repairs over £300 to be mostly covered Has anyone have had good experience with warranty company used for there cars...
  2. G

    5 Days out of warranty - HELP PLEASE

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum but am seeking some advice. I have a 2011 E Class Estate that has Artico seats. I noticed five days after the three year warranty expired that there was a split in the front drivers seat. MB Birmingham have said that MB will contribute 50% to the full...
  3. I

    Mercedes Benz Rust Action-post your photos

    To follow on from the long running thread http://forums.mercedesclub.org.uk/showthread.php?t=53859 about Mercedes rust issues and the various ways in which owners have tackled the issue, some with successful MB claims and others not, I thought it may be helpful to start a definitive thread...
  4. robertjrt

    Mercedes-Benz warranty

    You may have read my posts about my long running legal action against Mercedes-Benz, now in its fourth year and still a long way to run. I may not have made it quite clear that my car was still covered by the Warranty given, 12 months parts & labour when I bought the car in January 2005 for...

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