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    Upgrade brakes

    General question guys I have a 2014 Mercedes E220 se cdi w212 and was curious to know if I could upgrade the brakes to Brembo callipers and the new Brembo carbon discs? Is it possible and if so would I need to do any modifications or is it just as simple as changing my callipers
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    W208 CLK 320 Auto Breaking

    Hi all, W208 CLK 320 Auto Breaking. This car is now up for grabs as a complete car or for spares (where it is most valuable as it is a rot box) Currently we have a full car in parts. The car is on ebay with detailed pics, just follow the link below...
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    Low mileage W123 230E Auto Breaking

    Hi all, As we enter 2017 busier than ever, we have made the decision, with regret to create even more space here at our Surrey HQ. The latest sacrifice comes in the form of a lovely low mileage W123 230E which we had stripped for a full show n' shine resto. This car is now up for grabs as a...
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    Potentially breaking a S210 E55

    Hi all, Just been offered a E55 wagon but the body is too rusty for me. Engine and gearbox are fine (done 202k) and can be heard running. Interior is fine as far as i'm aware. Oh, it has also had a LPG Conversion. I will hopefully know a bit more this weekend. If there are enough folks on...
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    Break or Repair? I prefer lemons in my G&Ts

    My introduction to Mercedes ownership hasn't started well . Looking for a car that could allow my Porsche 928GT to avoid a daily motorway commute (and frequent visits to petrol stations ;-) I picked up a W210 E320 CDI Avantgarde. I was careful about who I bought it from and thought I had found...

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