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    Mercedes CLA lightbulbs

    Does anyone know where is best to buy Mercedes CLA lightbulbs, both daylight and headlight bulbs. The lights have become extremely dim on my car. I am looking for the white light bulbs. I was told to stay away from LED bulbs as this can mess with the cars computer as it can think the car has a...
  2. R


    I am considering replacing my bulbs on my ML270 2002 model but the problem is that there are so many to chose from and some of them are not all they claim to be, Can anyone suggest a brand for the above model Many Thanks
  3. L

    Floor illumination lights

    On my E220 (05) the driver's door floor lights fail to light up... I've changed the clear bulb, but still not working I want to try and change the 'red' light, but cannot find anything in my hand book about removing the red cover -feeling worried that if I force it, it may split.. Could...
  4. A

    W140 instrument light replacement

    A couple of bulbs have blown on the main instrument panel are they easy to replace, has anyone any advice as it looks difficult to get to? Thanks
  5. M

    W124 Interior bulbs blowing - why?

    I bought a 1993 W124 E220 coupe a couple of months ago (110k miles) and this forum has been great for fettling advice. But I have now replaced three interior bulbs (two on heater controls, one on auto gearbox indicator light) and now a bulb on the instrument dash has blown. Is there a likely...
  6. J


    ok can anyone tell me if the auto gear shift stick console ,PDR123 should light up when side lights are on,and if so how do you change the bulb,car is a 1995 c220 (the window switches are lite ,thanks

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