1. N

    C-Class (W203) knocking suspension?

    I have recently acquired a Sports Coupe C class from 2002 and the Front drivers wheel is knocking when going over a bump in the road. I'm going to guess this could be a common problem at a car with over 100k on it. Does anyone know if this is often just a bush that needs replacing and also if...
  2. T

    W211 lower control arm (caster arm) DIY?

    I had my front balljoints and n/s/f lower control arm replaced by an indie a few weeks ago. Parking up in the garage last night, child#1 says "Daddy, your car's leaking oil". A brief inspection confirms that the o/s/f lower control arm fluid-filled bush has just let go and shed its fluid over...
  3. RTDC

    W202 Steering idler nut

    I need to change the bush in my steering idler arm it has failed the MOT on it, I also have a caution on my drag link so I intend to change the lot. I did the Damper less than a year ago so that’s OK. I had a look today to see what’s what and all seems straight forward except for the bolt...
  4. D

    W123 tie rod bar bush, where can I get one in the UK

    Hi guys, I have tried every autofactor I can think of and no one seems to do a bush for the F/N/S tie rod. I have twice been sent tracking rods labeled as Tie rods so there may be a terminology issue here, to me and the MOT tester a tie bar is the one that secures the suspension component...
  5. B

    Rear sub-frame bush torque setting?

    Anyone know the correct torque setting for the front pair of bushes on the rear sub-frame for a W210? Is it 70Nm as per the W124?

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