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    HELP, I am in the process of buying a 2004 CLK320 Elegance Convertible with 94000 miles on the clock with four previous owners. Can anyone tell me how I would know if the exhaust catylitical converter needs replacing? There is a distinctive smell coming from under the car after it has been...
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    First Time Buying Advice???

    Hi guys, new to this forum and MB. Looking to join the club and have my eyes on a nice looking CLK 270 (2005). I've read up on them abit and they seem pretty good. But what do you guys think/ what should I look for? Is it reliable? (electrical,engine,trans) Is it ecomical? (I've read about...
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    Buying a CLK 320 (2003)

    Hi all, I have been asked by my dad to have a look at a CLK 320 year 2003 for him. He is oversees at the moment and is looking for a car to use occasionally when back in the UK. What should I be looking out for with this model/year? I will check roof (leaks) etc and the wheel arches for...

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