1. B

    W203 Engine Rattle at Idle

    Hi All, This is my first post, so not sure where to post it. I have a 2006 W203 CDI. Yesterday I noticed that when I come to a stop the engine seems to be vibrating much harder than usual, causing a buzzing/rattling sound inside the car. It sounds much like the engine is shaking and rubbing...
  2. PovertySpec

    6 CD Changer Buzzing Even With Ignition Off

    I have Audio 20 with the 6 disc changer under the head unit. Yesterday it started buzzing. 1 x 1 second buzz and two shorter ones so obviously something is stuck and it's trying to un-stick itself. It continues to buzz even with the ignition key removed. Driver's side dashboard end...
  3. S

    Humming/buzzing noise when engine is off Sprinter 311 Cdi

    Hi all, another problem Humming/buzzing noise when engine is turned off? Last for a few minutes Regards Sprinter 311 Cdi
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