c class 180

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    06 plate c class 1.8l petrol wont start

    I bought my car just before christmas have had no starting problems with it at all since purchase started first time everytime up untill today was running low on fuel almost completely out, finished work and was gonna go to petrol station but the car wont start at all all lights headunit and...
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    C Class oil consumption and pressure

    Hi all I have just purchased a 2004 C Class 180 Kompressor. It is in great condition, low mileage and drives well. After searching for a dip stick I worked out that the car measures its own oil level. It said add 1.5 litres which I did. Dash then read correct level. A few questions...
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    Problem with the light switch on 2009 W204

    So my light switch is acting funny: I basically have two problems: 1. When I set it to Auto: Sometimes my headlights work in direct sunlight, when I switch it to OFF then back to Auto few times, it works fine and the headlights are not working in direct sunlight anymore. 2. Another...
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    Merc C180 Year 2002 Wiper Issues

    Hi, I am new to this Fourm, came across this via Google. I seem to be having some problem with my Wiper on the Car. The care Details are as follows: - Merc C Class 180, Year 2002. The Windscreen Wipers have all of a sudden stopped working. I have checked the Fuse's they are all...
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