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    Seeking CLS350 (C219) buying advice

    I'm new to the forum and looking to buy my first MB – a petrol CLS350, ideally a facelift model. Budget dictates that it will probably not be any newer than 2008, so what should I look for (good/bad)? There don't seem to be that many around, so I realise I can't be too choosy - however, any...
  2. Y

    Subframe Failure

    Hi everyone, First post for me. I have a CLS55 C219 from 2006. Had it for over 10 years with little issue. Last week, driving it on highway, heard this bang from rear passenger side. Thought I had been hit. Long story short, left rear sub frame failure. Vehicle is with Mercedes dealer. Done...
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    CLS320 Diesel Auto Comfort windows issue

    Model: CLS320 Body: C219 (I think) Year: 2007 Transmission: Auto Hi Guys. Got a problem. A friend bought a CLS not so long ago. I suspected it had rear end damage, but he loved it so bought it. Immediately after buying it he had it serviced by mercedes. Over the past few months he noticed it...

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