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    C220 - 64 Reg - Auxillary Battery Malfunction

    Hi, I have used this forum before and had a good time getting help and feedback for my merc. So i am need once more for an error that has come up this morning on my cars instrument cluster. Can someone advise what this error means please and what i should do about it. Is the car driveable...
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    Remap or box chip C Class 2016

    Hey guys i hope you are all well, I'm new here however i have owned 4 Mercs in the last 5 years which were the 2014 A200 which bought me into the benz world, although i hated the car after 6 months as i was travelling 100's of miles each week so i swapped after 1 yr for the 2012 62 plate C250...
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    Good pads for 64 plate c220d

    Hi, I need to replace all four pads on my merc' and was seeking some advice on what to buy and where to buy it from? Lastly, can you recommend any decent garages where I can get the pads changed in the Bradford area?
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    CAT 5 TRACKER & Electric issue

    Took delivery of the new C-Class last week and had it fitted with a CAT 5 TRACKER ('Tracker Response') yesterday. I chose this particular system as it is MB approved and one of the best out there - and we seem to have new cars go missing in our area. Car ran fine on route home, to the gym...
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