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    Hi Folks New on here but I’ve had my w205 c220d coming 9months now. Only real downside Iv experienced is the Nox sensor. With it being a common problem I ran into delays getting from MB. I’ve now managed to get the part under warranty just shy of £400 and my Indy wants £84+vat n hour labour...
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    2013 C220d glow plug module location

    Hi All, I really apologise if this has been asked before but i've done lots of searching and cant find anything close to my year. I have a 2013 C220d with 68k mileage which I love. However on the odd occasion recently the glow plug light has been staying on for a minute or so then going out...
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    What is this reservoir for.

    Im trying to fill up the engine coolant on my sister c220d w205 model. However there are 2 reservoirs with the coolant label on them. If you are looking at the engine there is one of the left and it's black. There is also one on the right and you can see inside it but it's smaller than the one...
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    2014 C220D - Which coolant??

    Hi All, I've got a load of information from the forum over the last few months so thanks to all the contributors. I need to top up my coolant so have been looking at the posts on identifying which one to use but am still confused on this one and don't want to put in the wrong stuff. The fluid...
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    New owner

    Hi all I picked up my new C Class 220d AMG Line Premium with Night Pack on Friday and it's really incredible. I've been lurking for a while on the forums so thought I'd say hi! I've done about 250miles so far this weekend and it really is effortless driving :-)
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    W202 C220D which glowplug?

    Looking to replace my glowplugs but there are two listed for my 1994 OM604.910 engined non-turbo C220D W202.121. The Delphi part numbers are HDS363 and HDS354 as listed on delphicat.com. The HDS363 appears to be identical to the HDS354 apart from being a little longer (120 vs 114mm) and it heats...

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