1. ds24215605

    C230 1997 fuel leak on filler pipe hose - part number reqd

    When i fill the tank up on my c230 I have discovered a leak on a hose that comes from the filler cap. Anyone any ideas what the pipe is called or a part number?
  2. B

    C230 W203 A/C regulation out - Blows hot air

    Hey guys!! Thank you for this great forum, read plenty of good tips to look after my beloved C230 W203 2.5L! Got recently an issue with the A/C regulation - I cannot figure where the problem lies.. (My car has the standard dual zone with the 2 knobs - not the digital climatronic one) Blowing...
  3. H

    New MB owner - 2003 C230 Coupe

    HI - As my retirement gift to myself, I bought a 2003 C230 coupe. 110k original kilometers. Needs a few minor repairs but with everyone's information in this forum, I should be able to do them myself.
  4. B

    C230 Coupe 2002 engine ind lamp & rough ride

    When accelerating in my auto the engine hickuped ane the engine diagnosis lamp came on, then the car started to run roughly. I stopped car and the engine was idling very unevenly. Swathed engine off then back on and it was fine, seemed to reset itself though the light stayed on. But if I...
  5. J

    Panoramic Roof Plastic Trim

    After having my panoramic roof on my '03 c230 coupe fixed, they didn't replace the clips holding the plastic trim pieces next to it and I lost one of my plastic pieces going down the highway today and can't find the piece anywhere on the 'net. Anyone know where I can find that plastic trim piece...
  6. B

    oil - gearbox &TC, c230 coupe

    I am taking everyones advice re my dodgy torque converter and have arranged for someone who knows what he is doing to flush out & replace the oil. MB recommend that it takes 16 litres of gearbox oil to do this (on top of the flushing oil)- this seems to be on the basis that you lose the first 8...

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