1. Tui Miller

    Upgrades to M112 E26

    Hi, i'm new to owning a Mercedes and i'm looking to make more power out of my M112 E26. I've done an exhaust atm and that's it, a new intake and a tune would probably get me more but I know I wont be satisfied unless im making around 300-400HP. I don't know if this is possible from the E26 but...
  2. L

    2001 C240 auto engine warning lamp, loss of power

    Recently the engine management orange warning lamp appeared on my dash and the car suffered an immediate loss of power. My local garage diagnosed a coil pack problem and replaced this to no effect. Their diagnostics suggested that the cyclinder bank 1,3 & 5 was showing a misfire and Cat...
  3. C

    Gearbox Needed ?

    My troublesome 1999 C240 sport has finally had its repair done but we were unable to refit the gearbox. on close inspection we found the 2 lugs that i belive locate in the torque converter have sheered off preventing the refitting. can this be fixed or do i need a replacement box and if so where...
  4. A

    Purchasing a C240 - what to look out for?

    Hi all, Very new to here, so be gentle! I'm looking at buying a C240 this week, its a 2002 model, 124k miles, blue / mauve body with grey interior. In a bit of a state and needing some serious TLC which I'm willing to give. Have asked it be put through a full MOT at a friend's MOT...
  5. C

    1999 C240 Sport smoking badly ?

    I have just bought this car with 76000 miles on it & i love it but a week to the day that i bought it i noticed a small amount of smoke be hind the car just round the corner from home, I left it parked overnight and started it the next morning to investigate it started giving whitish smoke...
  6. J

    Location C240 sport Heater Blower

    Hi all, I have V reg 1998 V240 and have a problem with the heater blower not working. It was running intermittently according to my wife, who kept this secret to herself. Fuse is ok and I suspect a brushes problem. The rub is I cannot work out where it is, unless it is behind the tunnel...
  7. grahamwoodward

    Wipers on W203 2001 C240

    I bought some new wiper blades from the MB dealer (£30!!) They are curved unlike the earlier ones which were straight and don't have a spoiler. My car takes the older style blades with a frame unlike the later slim version. Which way should the curve be? Should the driver's side blade curve...
  8. M

    c240 key locked : EIS or A1 module

    Hi, This is for 2002 MB C240 4matic. The alternator had a short cut and has been replaced. This probably damaged something, as the battery went dead few times and we had to try jumps, then recharge, etc. Not sure if keys were always on at that time. Now here is the result: the key (and...
  9. H

    Mercedes 2001 C240 Cuts off regularly and then restarts immediatly

    I have a 2001 Mercedes C240. When the engine is running with car stopped you can feel a bit of trembling. It also cuts off during driving and this happens at slow speeds only. Like when I will take the foot off the pedal crossing roundabouts or stop at the traffic lights. I had the car...
  10. A

    1998 C240 Sport A/C Compressor

    Hi, i just got a 1998 C240 Sport (manual transmision) and i did have problems with the A/C. When i bought it the guy told me the A/C wasnt cooling very cold, in fact... it wasnt cooling at all. I just took it yesterday to an A/C workshop and they discovered two leaks and they were extremely...
  11. M

    W202 C240 Gearbox Leaking

    Hi, Latest in the Merecedes owning saga that is a ten year old C240...a puddle of fluid appeared on the drive about a week ago - and crawling under the car confirmed it was coming from the gearbox! Given the low clearance and the very high chance of getting 8 litres of fluid all over the...
  12. M

    99 W202 C240 Won't start

    Help! About 2 weeks, the car wouldn't start. Out the blue one morning engine turns over no problems, but not a hint of running. Checked all the fuses, and found the rear fuses near the battery and the location of the fuel pump relay - and searched the web. Found the crank position sensor...

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