1. A

    1998 C250TD not reaching operating temperature

    Hello all, my 1998 W202 C250TD benz at the moment (winter in the southern hemisphere) only reaches a "running temp" of around 62-65°C on the highway and when driven hard gets closer to about 70°C, but never reaching 80°C. The same is true even when it was warmer earlier this year only reaching...
  2. silestanix

    Big Thank You to Wayne Gates MB

    Went to Wayne Gates MB on Friday morning for a routine Gearbox fluid change (44k), Jamie did the work, emptying both Box and Torque Convertor, as usual superb work. So yes, big Thanks to Terry, Jamie & Ben, they've looked after my W202 C250TD Since I bought it and have done most if not all...
  3. silestanix

    EGR delete - W202 C250TD - Quick Question

    Good morning all. Having read through Dieselman's egr delete thread thoroughly I am going to carry out the EGR Delete mod on my C250TD this morning by using a ball bearing to block the vacuum hose. If anything just as a trial to see how the car behaves over my journey to and from work today...
  4. C

    C250TD Oil Filter

    Hi all, Small problem: I've removed the oil filter cap (with filter element attached) from my C250TD (1999, saloon) but i now can't get the actual filter element out of the cap - i've tried pulling it, twisting (unscrewing) whilst pulling - everything I can think of but the damn thing wont...

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