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    Mercedes c300h 15 playe

    I have a c300h hybrid car. I had a problem with it before as well that i rarely went to the batteries and stayed mostly on the engine. I got it fixed from Mercedes, they said it needed a software update. After some time i got a letter from Mercedes for a recall and when i got my car back it...
  2. M

    C300h remap?

    Hello all Just bought a 2015 C300h Hybrid estate. Can this be remapped and is it worth it? Has anyone else done this? Thanks
  3. T

    c300h hybrid system failure

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and looking for a bit of help. I took delivery of c300h estate back in August of this year. I love the car, but over the last six weeks or so the vehicle has been running less and less in hybrid mode, i.e. the engine was stopping less and less often when I took my...

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