1. S

    Dashcam hardwired fitting in C43 AMG convertible

    I would like to fit a hardwired dashcam to my 2018 C43 AMG convertible (W205), without inadvertantly damaging any of the trims. I have found plenty of instructions on YouTube but they are all for the saloon (W204 or W205) and not the convertible - they have a cover over the A pillar which you...
  2. R

    C43 gear box

    Morning, I'm new to Mercedes and the site so please bear with me. I bought a C43 2017 which seemed good. Since driving I've noticed some things. When rolling up to a junction and it drops down to 2nd gear it make a crunch sound. And the same sort of sound if coasting and them gently...
  3. robparker

    Vehicle C43 / 300SL / 6.9 / 420SEC

    Thinking of selling one or two of the above, for no reason other than I fancy something else... Fintail, another 115.. a C63.. I can't decide. So if anyone is interested in anything.. PM me C43 £4500 300SL (107) £16,000 6.9 £16,000 420SEC £8,500
  4. porterada

    C43 AMG Only running 235 HP

    Just wanted to get some thoughts on what could cause lower than expected power output on my C43.... I know its getting on a bit now but from the stated 302hp from new it does seem that a number of horses have bolted.. I do not get any Check engine lights, and have scanned the ecu for faults with...
  5. blackbeast

    [Breaking] C43AMG 1999 blackish greenish colour

    Hi I still have my C43 AMG in my garage, it had a bump to the front end by a Astra van. I am again deciding wether to break it or sell it as it is... I would rather sell it and have someone repair it to get it back on the road! But if not then ill break it for parts if anyone is...
  6. H

    1998 C43 AMG Gearbox problem,not shifting

    i went to use my car yesterday,which had been standing for a few weeks. i selected drive but it wouldnt change from 1st gear. it wouldnt select gears manually either. it doesnt slip , just wont select any other gear than 1st. Reverse is OK. Please can anyone help.....
  7. MarkCL

    AMG Diff gone FUBAR

    Fudge. Just dropped my C43 in to Oliver at PCS as I'd noticed what sounded like a transmission/diff whine over past few days - been getting steadily louder so decided I needed an expert pair of ears to see what was wrong. Turns out that my diff is screwed :( First noticed it as a sort of...

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