1. Richard E

    Happy to join!

    Really hope we can share some knowledge. I love to work on cars and I've just bought a 2008 CLK 320 (V6 Diesel) Cabriolet (A209) and although it's been well cared for there are a few typical things to deal with. First question: anyone know where I can download a mechanics service manual? Thanks!!
  2. B

    Clk 2002 All windows and Mirrors stopped working?

    Hi I have a Clk 208 Cabrio, All the windows and the mirrors stopped working, I saw somewhere that removing the positive battery terminal for a few mins then re-connecting it works. And it did, but I got in my car this morning and it has done it again. So I did the battery thing again, again this...
  3. S

    In the market for a Cabrio CLK

    Hi All, Hope you're keeping well! I've recently noticed an unbelievably low prices on some CLKs on AutoTrader. I read a bit (or a lot) on the models and following an opinion which I found largely asserted here on this forum, I'm thinking the right model is CLK320 - people cite its engine is...
  4. P

    230clk wont kick down ecu?

    Hi, went to buy a nice CLK230 cabrio fsh, 117,000, runs smoothly but when I floored the accelerator nothing happened, then it started to run fairly rough but still ok at tick over. chap said it was probably because it had been sitting but then admitted this happened intermitently...feels like...

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