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  1. datasmog

    [Spares] Car Cover for SLK200 R171

    Stormforce All Weather 4 Layer car cover fits an SLK200 R171 Roadster. I used this once for 3 months of last winter and it's in perfect undamaged condition. Complete with all straps and in it's original carry bag. This is a top quality car cover currently retailing at £166 new. £110 including...
  2. M

    Car Covers

    Hi, I have recently bought a black SLK350. Unfortunately it does not fit in my garage so It will have to sit on the drive throughout winter. I was thinking about getting a car cover (possibly one of those one make specifically for the car to be covered), but I have had conflicting advice as to...
  3. N

    [Spares] FOR SALE - Mercedes CLK (2004-2009 series) tailored car cover - Specialised covers

    I'm selling a tailored car cover for a 2004-2009 series CLK. Its never been used and now I have a new E350 I don't need it anymore. I have all the original receipts and documentation. Its navy blue on top and grey on the sides. Useful for the winter months! I've got it on gumtree here...
  4. K

    Car cover for SL W129

    Hi - I am new to the forum. I am about to buy an SL320 W129 (1997). Can't wait. I am looking for a car cover. My main concern is to keep out the moisture/wet as it will be parked on the drive/street. I have had problems with E class of the same period (W124) rusting on the wings/arches after...

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