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    upgrading to apple carplay for my 2015 E250 Petrol

    Hello All, Has anyone tried to upgrade their 2015 E250 Command One to include car play I have seen this video and need some guidance if someone has done the upgrade - -
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    Android CarPlay unit

    Hi all I’ve been looking at a few of these android CarPlay units that actually look quite good and I’m considering getting one for my C207. I’ve seen some on eBay and ali express and just wanted to know if anyone here has had any experience with them and what they think about these. Planning to...
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    Any UK companies who could fit an Android widescreen display

    Hey all, new to the group! I've recently taken delivery of my shiny and lovely C250d Convertible and i can honestly say I LOVE it. The only thing I'm really missing is Apple CarPlay. My car came with every conceivable extra EXCEPT for Car Play functionality. An extra which is hard to retrofit...
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    2016 A Class A200D AMG - Sat Nav & Apple Car Play help please

    Hi, I've recently just bought a Mercedes A200d AMG 2016 model (the 2016-2018 diamond grille) I bought it via a dealer but awaiting delivery. It doesn't come with sat nav as this needs activating? What does this mean please? Some are saying you just need the SD maps card, but some forums are...
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    CarPlay help!!

    Good afternoon I recently became the proud owner of a 2019 19 plate C220d AMG Line saloon. I love the car but I’m struggling to suss out the car play. after doing some playing around I’ve come to the assumption that my model simply doesn’t have it. But the internet says it does. I’m...
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