cd changer problem

  1. J

    W208 Audio 10 with 6 CD Changer

    Hi is there any one out there that can help!! My Audio 10 system was working Fine then out of the Blue while playing a CD it gave out a sort of static crackle and then displayed NO CD. Turning it off and on got it back working for a few minutes and then the same happened The radio is fine...
  2. N

    Cd changer problem

    I have being trying to correct a problem with the CD changer where the cartridge got stuck. Having read various threads I removed the unit and the cover and carefully moved a stuck CD and tray to release the cassette. I believed that copy CD's used by the previous owner had caused the problem...
  3. Pipemaster

    CD Changer MC3198 no cd 1-6

    I have a 2000 R129 and whilst away recently changed the cds in the magazine when reloaded the display reported NO CD 1-6. I have had the unit out and there is a red light on the fibre optic connector and if the magazine is left out it reports that on the display. I have heard that disconnecting...
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