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    1992 W124 new owner

    Hi, bought my 230e in March this year...just before lock-down!!! However, now lock-down has eased somewhat, we are out & about & really enjoying the car. It is in VG condition, 83k on the clock when purchased so, very pleased. I don't know if anybody can help me but, I'm looking to replace the...
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    CLK430 dash storage removal

    Any advice appreciated on the steps to remove the storage tray that is between the radio and the ash tray on a 2003 CLK430 Cabriolet. It appears to be lined with rubber that has deteriorated and coming apart. This is just above the center console, and if I can figure out how to get the ash...
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    W220 Rear Air Vent Removal (Center Console)

    Greetings all, hopefully someone can help with the following... I had a rather unusual accident in my W220 S320 CDI in that the coins in my wallet dropped out and two 1p pieces fell into the two central rear air vents that are attached to the center console!! I managed to get one out with...

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