1. I

    2013 A180 Fan belt or Chain? Which oil?

    I've recently bought a 2013 Mercedes A180 Diesel and I wanna know if it has a timing belt or Chain? And which oil would it take for the engine? Thanks!
  2. hod05

    OM651 rattle

    Hi all OM651 has rattle at start up I heard it for about a week on start up a rattle that is loud and dies down after about 2-3 seconds since its done an incredible outstanding milage of just 76,000 I presume its the chain thats stretched and possible sprockets and tensioner too. I have...
  3. colifecape

    Cam adjusters.

    A quick question, Thers is a lot of mentions around forums of worn cam adjusters causing chain slip on M271`s. ( although to be fair it is the crap chain ) I`ve got the top half of my engine stripped at present, what should I look for regarding the cams? I`ve not stripped the cam sprockets...
  4. J

    Timing Chain tensioner???

    Having fitted the timing chain tensioner twice now incorrectly and consequently snapped the camshaft twice, I am keen to make sure it is all being fitted back correctly. I have followed the instructive advice of dear members when I last posted on this subject and read the instructions and...
  5. djb

    Chains or Socks

    Has anybody any experiance with snow chains, ie grip & potential damage to alloys, equally any experiance on tyre socks? thanks
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