1. M

    Charging and Connection Phone to E320

    Hi All, I am new to the forum, have just bought myself my first Mercedes…. Very pleased with it so far. It’s a E320 V6 auto diesel. I have managed to connect my iPhone via Bluetooth and can operate it using the steering wheel which is great. I can’t however connect audio and am wondering the...
  2. JustinN

    Battery Conditioner - GLA45 AMG

    Hi All I'm looking to buy a battery charger / conditioner for my 2015 GLA45 AMG to keep the battery topped up and conditioned. I'm looking at the CTEK MX5 or MX7 but I'm unsure whether the MX7 is worth the price jump from the MX5. Anyone have any experience of them? Also, I know in my car I...
  3. idlerider

    Battery charging

    I've read that a battery charger can be fitted permanently to the car and just needs plugging-in put the vehicle on charge. I'd like to use a portable 5 amp charger on my s211 wagon, which is continually losing charge due to lack of use, but the charger instructions insist that the battery must...
  4. T

    Ctek MXS Chargers

    Hi, I've read some positive posts about the Ctek MXS chargers here. I've had a look through the manual but not sure if it is suitable for my requirements. I want to connect it to the battery of the car when the power is on but not when the engine is running. The same thing they would do in a...
  5. bertg

    Car Charger

    Can anyone recommend a USB charger i can plug into the 12V socket in the back? i've seen this item below..
  6. M

    fitting a new cig charger

    Hi there, Just bought a MB C Class coupe 230 03 plate love it but i have a MB fitted phone kit for a Nokia 6310i My Problem is that i have a iphone and didn't really want to spend 250 on a iphone cradle i have a tomtom iphone kit and wanted to know if i could use the power to the...
  7. C

    Why Battery Discharges

    Hi I have got a MB E270 CDI, that I bought recently. This is my first experience of MB and Diesel cars as well. I am surprised that the battery is discharged when I left the car parked for a week or so. :-( I had Petrol cars in my life before and never had this problem before. Is that...

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