1. J

    [Wanted] W126 Series 2 Bumper Chrome

    Hi All, I’m looking for front and rear bumper chrome for a 1988 w126 300SE. Preferably posted within the UK... thanks James
  2. P

    Mercedes w124 coupe 1995 - various parts.

    I have the following w124 coupe parts for sale currently, email me for details. 1 x front bumper (Azurite Blue), good condition, been repaired previously, + tow hitch cover. 1 x Rear bumper (Azurite Blue), good condition. 2 x front wings, (Azurite Blue), good condition only very slight bubbling...
  3. L

    Seat release handle

    The chrome has started to peel on the my seat release handle in my coupe? Any one know where to find a replacement part or how to remove the handle? Thanks
  4. G

    Discoloration Of Chrome On LED Lights

    Hi, Just had my car (E220 2012) serviced for the first time and as part of the service they gave it a full wash. Now I have noticed that the chrome around the LED running lights has misty/blurred/cloudy (hard to describe but is not the chrome look). Rubbing it with a damp cloth seems to make...
  5. S

    [Spares] w126 bumper chrome fasteners

    All, here are some w126 bumper chrome fasteners from a 1989 420 SEC. They might be useful if some of yours snapped or rusted up. There are 17 with the m8 shank, 8 with the smaller shank, in total about 25 of the captive nuts as in the pic and they'll be good to use again. I'm replacing mine with...
  6. C

    A Class (W169) Body Coloured Wing Mirrors plus Chrome Strips

    Hello, My local MB dealer says it can't source body coloured wing mirrors - yet they come as standard on some specs. I have a silver 3 door and can see I can buy chrome covers but would prefer silver... any ideas for on line sites? Also, chrome surrounds to the fog lights Chrome door...
  7. E

    W125 500se How do i undo the Dechroming?!

    hi there, I have recently purchased a 500se. At some point somone has painted all the exteriror chrome apart from the grille (not really my taste!) what would be the best way to restore the chrome? Also the rear blind has come of its runner. Anyone have any diagrams or manuals detailing...

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