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    cl203 c180 coupe 2003 front left wing panel

    I have a 2003 c180 cl203 coupe and sadly somone had driven into the side of my car and driven of without leaving any details. They have crushed the near side front wing panel so I'm looking to try and replace it. Looks like its just bolted on with 10mm nuts. Does anyone know if the 2004 and...
  2. D

    My new CL203 goes in limp mode and has errors

    Hi there, This is my first post here so be gentle :) I have recently purchased a CL203 (c class coupe 2007 220cdi) and it goes into limp mode occasionaly, more noticably when i go into reverse rather than drive from cold start (work car park). I have had codes read from a friend with a...
  3. R

    Sports coupe shocks replacement for softer suspension

    I love my Sports Coupe 2007 (bought third-hand) but its sports suspension gives quite a hard ride. It seems unsuited to such a heavy, refined cruiser-style car, particularly an un-nippy diesel chugger, yet there it is. I have replaced the original 17 inch wheels and tyres with 16 inch and...

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