1. J

    New Member HELP on CL55 2001

    Car was fine when picked up in February, everything was working on the journey home. Have had it parked up for 4 months, the battery went flat from not being used. Put a new battery on yesterday 1/6/20 and have now lost, radiator fan, central locking, key chip not recognised, no movement on...
  2. mugwump00

    C215 - dead battery, physical keys won't unlock door!!!

    Hello all, just got back from a 3 week trip. Go to garage to bring life back to CL. No go with remote locking, battery must be dead. Easy enough to deal with with the CTEK I guess, but uhoh!!, the 2 physical keys I have (the silver parts) won't open the drivers door...
  3. C

    CL55 Supercharger Cutting out

    Is it normal for the supercharger on a 2003 CL55 to cut out when driven hard for more than 5 mins? Maybe its a sensor cutting the supercharger out, car still drives however feels like a 1.4 ford focus not a 500bhp Mercedes!! After then being driven sensibly for 10 mins or so it seems back...
  4. C

    2003 CL55 Creaking Suspension

    I have just invested in a 2003 CL55 a couple of weeks ago. Today I noticed a creaking noise coming from the front right wheel arch whenever going over bumps. Also when I stopped and got out of the car and put my weight onto the right side of the bonnet I also heard the creaking noise whilst...

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