climate controller

  1. D

    Mercedes c class w204 dual-zone climate control

    Hi guys, so I’ve seen a few people with the w204 c class have replaced the dual zone climate control panel with the dials to the digital one from the E class. I have finally managed to get hold of the E class control unit and know that it is a straight swap plug and play. However, I don’t have...
  2. scotsboi

    Outside temp display faulty

    Hi, I noticed a few months back that my car's outside temp gauge was showing the wrong temperature - usually 5-10 degrees what it should be. I noticed it after I had it in for a service - although I'm not suggesting it was related - only because the service didn't involve that - although they...
  3. N

    CLK 230K Climate Control

    Hi there. I was wondering about my climate control as it doesn't work :(, this is worrying me because I have had a look at the condenser fans behind the grill when the engine is running and the air con is on full and they're not spinning. I don't know if that has anything to do with it...
  4. C

    LCD climate controller for E300TD 1998

    would anyone happen to know how to replace the LCD controller? is it a 5 minute job or should i book a weeks holliday from work?:rolleyes:

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