clk roof

  1. D

    Clk320 208 2001 anti roll bar problem

    Hi, i have a issue with the roll bars going up or down on my clk320 208 model, when i open the roof the windows go down but the roll bars dont, they will operate from the switch but i have to manually release the rear part of the roof from the tournee by using the key spanner in the boot.the...
  2. Grotbag

    CLK Convertible - Seals

    I have spoken before about the rattles from the convertible roof. Mine is a 2005 model. Now the weather has improved I have have been enjoying the top down experience. No noise at all from the windows. When the roof is up I realised that the noise from the seals is not a rattle but more of a...
  3. C

    CLK200 roof hydraulics

    Hi can someone please tell me where to obtain a new or recon hydraulic ram for the roof hidaway pannel on my CLK200 Kompressor Cabriolet 2001 as everytime I open the roof I get a pool of oil on the boot lid. Also any info on removing and replacing the ram would be helpfull. I am in Southern...

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