1. jeremy156

    Whining noise from M113 engine (2004 C209 CLK500)

    Hi folks, wonder whether anyone with a good ear can identify from a video what's making a whining noise at the front of my engine? It's pretty loud from inside the car, rev dependent and I assume it's the alternator... but grateful for any insight. Thanks, Jeremy
  2. M

    2002 CLK500 Brake failure

    Good evening all. I have had a CLK500 for the last year, it was CAT C'd back in 2008 and put straight back on the road with all the correct paperwork. MOT'd & serviced by an Indy Merc garage 3 months ago, currently 86k on the clock. Last week whilst in the outside lane of the M25 the brakes...
  3. B

    208 209 what is my car?

    I need a sat Nav disk for my brilliant clk500 03 but i keep being asked for the disk number or w208 w209. I'm new to Merc's and have no idea what people are on about. If anyone can advise that would be great.
  4. B

    Looking for CLK500 Cabrio... Carlsson kit????

    Hi guys, new to here, first post. Ive just sold my c280 sport (2007) facelift. Had so many problems with the car losing power completely and engine warning light coming on. Car went back to MB 8 times in 2 years, sure all they did was turn the light off and give me the car back without...
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