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    Custom Coding Help Needed!

    Evening all, I’m on the hunt for a garage that does custom coding, I have a 2015 w205 and have just had the steering wheel and ambient lights from a 2019 installed into my car but need the coding done to make both work, also need to reset the reverse camera software as it seems to be glitching...
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    Ignition switch

    Hello iv got a 2006 mk2 mercedes sprinter recently it was broken into dashboard broken and only the ignition switch stolen I realised they want this to clone a key I've moved the van to a safe location and I still have the original key, if I purchase a second hand ignition switch and key off of...
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    Parktronic retrofit coding

    Just finished installing a parktronic retrofit kit (proper MB one - rear sensors only) to my C class, put the fuse into the rear SAM and it all sprang into life :D This begs a question about coding - MB WIS says / infers that some coding of modules using STAR will be needed to make the...

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