cold engine

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    Mercedes A160 won't start

    Hello. Yesterday when I got in my car, i couldn't start it, the starter works fine and the battery also, but it just don't start... The only way I can make it start is if i pull the air filter off and spray brake cleaner, or something like it in. If i spray some short bursts of the cleaner i...
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    problem with cold start! W211 320 CDI

    For almost a month I am having a problem with the cold start of the engine of my W211 320 CDI. When the car is cold in the morning, the engine must turn about 10 times before it starts. In the past, this was not the case. There is no message / light on the dashboard. As well there is no smoke...
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    Dpf issue? Black death c200 2005

    Hi all i have bought a mercedes c200 coupe from 2005. Its got 232k on the clock. I was hoping some kind soul could give me a helping hand with my issue with this car. So i started off with what i now learned is the black death, one of the injectors was leaking fuel. Any how that got fixed and no...

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