1. morphix

    W211 E270 CDI 2004 blows cool air when idling

    Hey there fellow drivers, so recently I have ran to this issue. To explain it as clear as possible, problem is that when car is standby (idling, not driving), heater blows cold air no matter what position it is in. When driving the car, all heater functions work as expected, hot air blows, but...
  2. rolfy

    Cold Start Problems

    Hi All Playing whack-a-rat with problems on the old jalopy. Now we've cured the blocked cat it goes like stink.:D but the next niggle to pop up is reluctant starting in the morning. Usually it starts first time, except when left overnight. It fires up, dies, and then takes a fair bit...
  3. Smaltze

    W210 AC Faulty

    When i first bought the car early 2015 i had an uncomfortable summer because my AC wasnt working atall, wouldnt blow atall cold in general let alone with the ac on. I didn't bother getting it refilled. Now its winter and its the opposite, it wont blow even remotely hot. I finally got it...
  4. M

    Jolty and delayed gear change

    Hi, I posted here a couple of months back regarding a new Transmission Control Unit fitted to my CL600. Following this, there was, and still remains a big difference in the drive of the car, with the cars drive almost feeling like it's being held back, with some sort of resistance on the...
  5. J

    w208CLK 2.3K RPM fluctuating on cold

    Hello forum viewers. 3 weeks ago I bought a 2000 CLK 2.3 petrol 111.000miles and on the first time I started the car on cold with the gear on P it had some trouble in maintaining the rpm. I would guess was because it was cold and after like 30s with the rpm going up and down the engine died. No...
  6. Z

    Unfathomable heater problem

    Year: 1992 Make: Mercedes-Benz Model: W124 - 230 CE Engine: 2.3L Air Con: None At the mo I have intermittent/no heat. Here's the problem. If I set the control wheels to the warmest setting (fully red) and switch the fan on full the air gradually gets colder and colder. If I blow it onto...

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