command 2.0

  1. Kiwi_Benz

    W163 2003 Ipod or AUX added to Command 2.0 radio upgrade

    Upgrade of the Command 2.0 Bose sound system without MOST etc is possible. I purchased a cable (and the head unit removal keys) from the guys at Command Online in the UK and it came with instructions to attach 4 wires into the back of the head unit into C2. You then fit the other end of the...
  2. K

    No Power to Command 2.0 system

    E320 CDI W210. I have just had the car back from an engine rebuild and the command unit will not power up. I know they would have disconnected the battery while working on the car. I have checked all external fuses and all are OK. The garage will take a look at it next week. But ahead of that I...

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