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    Android Auto Woes

    Hi all! First post here but looking forward to getting to know you all and hopefully have a crack at resolving an issue I’ve been experiencing for some time. For some background, my vehicle is an 2016 A180d (65 plate) that originally did not come with the Android Auto/Apple CarPlay software...
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    Command Nav Roundabout issue

    I have a 2016 c300h with a command nav system. I have a problem at large roundabouts as the system does not recognise them as such and just tells me to prepare to turn left even if I need to take the 3rd or 4th exit and therefore I need to be in the right hand lane. The screen is late to show...
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    COMMAND vs Garmin in SLC43 AMG

    Been looking at the SLC43 spec and wondering whether the Command is really worth the extra.. The SLC43 model has the Garmin sat nav fitted as standard yet the full Command is still over £2k extra. It's not even like previous SLK where the screen size and resolution also increased when you...
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    Mercedes SL - iPod connection??

    Hi there I have a 2008 SL350 - it's the first of the newer shape (2008-2012 facelift model). I have a the Command System (DVD, CD multi changer etc). I am told that it has the capability of connecting an iPod. I have an iPhone 5. Does anyone know what sort of cable I need? Also does this connect...
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    M Class Command System

    I have a M Class 300 59 plate. The command system developed a problem( reverse camera stopped working) 2 days after I took delivery of the card from the dealership, being a brand new car I was surprised but anyhow thought it is a piece of technology. It was fixed, however since the past 2...
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    E320 cdi command problem?

    Hi guys i apologise if this question already has a thread running but i can't find it if thats the case. I have a 2003 E320cdi with fsh and with full command system, I left it at an airport carpark recently and upon my return the command display turned itself off after about 20 minutes of...

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