1. G

    Clk240 aircon

    Hi,can anybody recommend a mobile mechanic to fit a condenser and regassing my 2004 Clk. I'm based in Streatham sw16,or recommend a local garage. I also need to connect to a star diagnosis machine as I can't set the time and believe the upgraded stereo isn't recognised !!! Thank you all for any...
  2. grahamperrin

    2000 E280 (S210) air conditioner: condenser and pipe replaced

    When I got this E280 in May 2014, I wondered whether the AC would need re-gassing. Mercedes-Benz of Brighton offered a good price so I went for that, but as things turned out: it needed a condenser – leaking in three places. So the money earmarked for re-gassing went, instead, towards the...
  3. N

    CLK 230K Climate Control

    Hi there. I was wondering about my climate control as it doesn't work :(, this is worrying me because I have had a look at the condenser fans behind the grill when the engine is running and the air con is on full and they're not spinning. I don't know if that has anything to do with it...
  4. A

    Air Con Leak - 220cdi - 2001 production

    I have a leak in the air-con system. This leak is at the input valve, just in front of the main radiator. I have charge the system about 4 times and used stop-leak once. The dealership have offerred to fix it but cannot give a fixed price. The problem being a design fault - the condenser block...

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