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    R230 Parktronic Stray Connector?

    I stripped the boot lining out of my SL55 on Sunday to try and get to the bottom of the Parktronic not working (never has since I had the car - it just alarms with all lights on, then switches itself off). A STAR readout showed faults on nearly all the sensors, which to me says ECU rather than a...
  2. E

    MOST Fibre Optic Connector

    Hi there, Can anyone tell me the part number of the MOST fibre optic connector (not the cables I have those) that plugs into the Telephone Control Module (A211 870 39 26) located under the passenger seat on a W169 2006 A Class with Option Code 386 Telephone Pre-wire? I have tried my local...
  3. T

    Moving the phone connector? (W211)

    I have an S211 with phone pre-wiring, and use a Viseeo MB-2 Bluetooth unit in the UHI connector in the top of the centre console. As the MB-2 very rarely needs any form of human interaction, this seems like a waste of premium storage space in the console. It seems like a good idea to remove...
  4. J

    Intermittent starting fault C230K 1999 Vin:WDB2020242F910191

    MB Member Television computer is down but thinks: This leaves a couple of things, some have the K38 starter lock out relay( where is this located on car?) and these are known to have poor connections on the spade push on connectors or is it the main starting one (where is this located on car?) ...
  5. M

    W202 C240 Gearbox Leaking

    Hi, Latest in the Merecedes owning saga that is a ten year old C240...a puddle of fluid appeared on the drive about a week ago - and crawling under the car confirmed it was coming from the gearbox! Given the low clearance and the very high chance of getting 8 litres of fluid all over the...

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