coolant loss

  1. Silver 300te

    Please recommend a good/cheap pressure tester kit

    Hi, Before I go down the new head gasket route, I want to check where the coolant leak is coming from. There are lots of £40 odd 'universal' kits online. With the connect with a W124 coolant tank? Does air bubbles in the coolant tank mean gasket failure? Groan.
  2. O

    W220 Tranmission Problem and Oil In coolant

    Hi guys, I have a Mercedes W220 (2003, 3.7l, S-class, s350) On my way back from work. I noticed that when I put my car in drive there was a slight delay in a sense of the gear clicking in place to move off, I also noticed that when I try to put it in N or R also slight delays. Once I pulled...
  3. moj91

    W204 250 CDi Loosing coolant...

    Hi all, Past few days I've had a low coolant warning message on start up in my C250 Cdi, I've had a quick look under the bonnet but cant see any blatant leaks... I've also noticed that the coolant that is in the header tank is a tad murky. Are there any common coolant loss issues...
  4. F

    Coolant Loss

    I have a MD 270CDI 2002 year model. Km on the odo is 415 000km. The car has an ongoing problem relating to coolant loss, +- 1 Litre every 500km. There are no visible leaks. The radiator and engine have been pressure tested and a gas test has been done from the coolant bottle. There are...
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