1. Ted Schrecker

    Waxoyl for R230?

    Hello all, I have been planning to have my recently acquired (February 2019) 2003 R230 Waxoyled to prevent corrosion, none being evident at the moment. However, although my manual indicates that the underbody of the vehicle needs to be inspected for damaged areas, which 'need to be...
  2. idlerider

    Rear window woes

    I suspect that many owners of a W211T will have a tailgate window, the wiper spindle surround of which looks like this - quite possibly a common problem. My question to our experts is this: is this metal plate available as a separate part, or is it an intrinsic part of the window glass?
  3. moj91

    Hard-line Rear brake line replacement W220 - Experiences?

    Hello all, Our W220 2005 S320 needs its rear brake lines replacing. One has split/burst from corrosion. They appear pretty well corroded along their length. We are getting wildly varying quotes for the work, £250 through to £2k. From what I can gather, the rear subframe needs to be dropped...
  4. SmoothBall

    Big job to repair corroded exhaust mounts?

    Hi folks, 2003 W211. Left-hand exhaust pipe mount has broken. Also the cross brace (between rear sections of left and right pipes). Corrosion is the problem. Need to drop it into my indie Merc-man. Anyone able to comment about how difficult or costly this job might be? Is there...

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