1. Ray1888

    Amg key covers

    For sale 2 AMG key back covers With 1 original case cost a fortune from the dealers so grab a bargain £65 posted Thanks
  2. S

    Big ask - W124 estate cover loan

    Hello chaps, #longshot. I am heading off in a few weeks for four months. I am after a cover for my cherished car. I've seen StormForce examples on Ebay for £150. Seems like a great price but after this four-month break, what will I do with it? Therefore, does anyone have one I may borrow...
  3. J

    Boot cover - no longer rises by itself

    Hi there Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, new at this and wasn't sure. Wonder if anyone can advise on a boot cover issue? When I opened the boot before it seemed the hinges were hydraulic or something, you could let go of the boot cover at any angle and it would not move...
  4. H

    [Spares] ML W163 Cargo Net & Boot Cover

    Both Cargo Net and boot cover for sale: Came out of a w163 2001 ML. Net: Boot Cover...

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