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    Fuel line adventure

    Hello all. I have rough idling and occasional slow starting in my c270 cdi so I took your advice and replaced the o rings. I changed 4 of the o rings today, the one by the fuel filter, the rail and the 2 on the fuel pump. It seems to be slightly better now and there are no bubbles when it is...
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    S320 CDI W221 intermittent starting problem

    Hi All, This is a great site and I thought I would write my first post to get some help from the experts on this forum. I am experiencing intermittent starting problems with my S class. Eight times out of ten it will fail to start first time. After turning the key in the ignition (and...
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    ML270 lots of cranking to start

    Mornig All, My ML270 looks like it needs the manifold replacing, which I will be doing shortly.. Swirl Flap issue causing oil leak, limp mode etc. Over the past month or so I have noticed that the car needs more engine turns to start it, it use to start more or less on the button...
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