crankshaft removal

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    Mercedes C200 2018 M264 Engine Crank shaft woodruff key wear FAILURE!!!!!

    Hi, Anyone experienced this wear issue?. My vehicle has only 43000km only. Dealership in sri lanka Dimo 800 said this is a wear and tear issue. Anyone experienced this pathetic issue? Repair is I have to replace the crankshaft since this crankshaft pulley connecting nut is worn and have damaged...
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    Hello everyone...2009 R320L and advise greatly appreciated..

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum but not new to MB in general...Born and raised in the family of Mercedes lovers that started in the early 90s with W123 and continued through out the years, I am currently the proud owner of 2009 R320L CDI bought in mid September 2017 with obviously OM642...

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